Kechao CAI

Kechao CAI's Photo

Assistant Professor
Room East 514, Science Building
Guang Ming, Shen Zhen, China
School of Electronics and Comm. Eng.
Sun Yat-Sen University


I am an assistant professor in the School of Electronics and Communication Engineering funded by the Hundred-Talent Program (“百人计划”) at Sun Yat-Sen University. From the October 2019 to the March 2021, I was a postdoctoral research fellow working with Prof. John C.S. Lui in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science supervised by Prof. John C.S. Lui at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019. I received the bachelor's degree (Advanced Class) and master's degree in the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

My research interests include data mining, data analytics, and designing reinforcement learning algorithms for various kinds of applications, such as web recommendation systems, computer networks, and online social networks. I have also been interested in designing distributed routing protocols for wireless sensor networks in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things).


I am now looking for graduate students and intern students who are interested in smart communication networks, AIoT, machine learning, reinforcement learning, network graph analysis, and big data analytics. If you are interested in and want to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me.


Current Students

  • Yingjie Zhao (赵映杰)
  • Zhongyuan Liu (刘中媛)

Former Interns

  • Bohong Zheng (郑博洪),2021 级中山大学本科毕业生,现香港科技大学金融科技硕士生
  • Janice Chen,2019 级香港中文大学本科毕业生,现美国 University of Massachusetts Amherst 计算机科学与信息学院博士生


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  • J. Ye, K. Cai, D. Lin, J. Li, J. He, and John C.S. Lui. A Control-Theoretic and Online Learning Approach to Self-Tuning Queue Management. To appear on the IEEE/ACM 30th International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS) (IEEE/ACM IWQoS, CCF B), 2022.
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  • K. Cai, G. Tan and H. Jiang. Embedding Networks Using Hyperbolic Vivaldi Algorithm. IEEE INFOCOM Student Poster, 2011. [Not refereed] [PDF] [Code]


  • Quantum Best Arm Identification Problem
  • Online Learning Multi-path Selection Framework
  • Algorithms for stochastic multi-armed bandit problems
  • Bandit algorithms and their applications
  • Introduction to variational inference
  • Multiplicative weight update: algorithms, analysis, and applications
  • Mean field analysis of multi-armed bandit


  • Spring, 2022, SYSU, Communication Networks
  • Spring, 2022, SYSU, Online Learning and Decision Optimization
  • Spring, 2022, SYSU, English Writing and Academic Communication
  • Fall, 2019. CUHK, CMSC 5728: Decision Analysis and Game Theory
  • Spring, 2018. CUHK, CMSC 5734: Network Science
  • Fall, 2016. CUHK, CSCI 2040: Introduction to Python
  • Spring, 2016. CUHK, CSCI 3320: Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Fall, 2015. CUHK, CSCI 1040: Hands-on Introduction to Python
  • Spring, 2015. CUHK, CSCI 1050: Hands-on Introduction to MATLAB
  • Fall, 2014. CUHK, CSCI 3150: Introduction to Operating Systems


  • IEEE Travel Grant
  • CUHK Postgraduate Studentship
  • Outstanding Graduate Student of HUST
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Student
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student of Advanced Class at HUST